Silver DJ Service - 3 Hours

Silver DJ Service - 3 Hours

Silver DJ Service - 3 Hours
for 3 hours

I am an extremely experienced DJ and will take care of everything, so your event is an absolute success. When you remember a remarkable event, you probably remember the songs that marked that environment. This is precisely my commitment to you and your guests – To hold one of the most memorable events of your lives. My knowledge in mixing and handling equipment will be used with mastery because one of the best feelings I feel in my life is realizing that the guests are having a unique moment away from their life problems. The playlist, of course, will always be according to the contractor's preference. But it's not just a playlist that makes a good event. I will also take care of the acoustics and all the necessary equipment to make the sound enter the ears and the soul. Let's make your event something unforgettable.

The Silver DJ Service Option has the duration of 3 hours.

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